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Meet L.Bee

First initial L, busy as a Bee.

Sweet as Honey, Lover of Cheese.

Learn about the Queen Bee herself and why this venture is so close to her heart.

A little about our Queen Bee

Lizbeth (Butler) Califf

As the eldest daughter of parents who both worked in hospitality, the art of entertaining and love of serving others turned into a passion. Creating food dishes was a way to help the family at meal times but to Lizbeth, it quickly became more than that. Since early childhood, Lizbeth has enjoyed watching cooking shows, crafting eccentric meals and experimenting with techniques.  

Being a foodie herself and finding a partner who is also a foodie means trying new culinary experiences is a family affair! What started as way to try new meats, cheeses and exotic fruits, became an obsession. No matter the day, event or occasion a 'snack board' of local and seasonal ingredients was always created and shared with family and friends. 

L Bee Boards started as a way to try new foods and bring people together. It has blossomed into a unique offering of high quality local ingredients carefully arranged for gazing and grazing. Each item is hand selected and thoughtfully placed to design a seasonally curated board or graze table. We strive to provide a fresh and alluring experience that you and your guests will love!

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